BaadiGoob is a one-stop Centre for all needs in Somalia. We link up, job-seekers, employers, service providers and service seekers at an affordable and hassle-free way. All services have been put into one place to enhance easier service access and delivery, and availability of services, jobs, goods, and property for sale to all Somalis.


BaadiGoob is a commercial business platform which creates profitable market for local small scale and medium size entrepreneurs selling products grown or made locally. Running a small and medium range business in Somalia faces many obstacles, especially for marginalized communities and women entrepreneurs. For instance, businesses trading in locally grown/made products such as honey, cultural artefacts, fruits and vegetables, seafood, and other locally produced goods lack start up financial resources, market research information and cash flow investments.

Creating a special local market is essential for the growth of the country’s economy and improving living standards of the local population. BaadiGoob, therefore responds to that unique need and aims to close the opportunity gap for women entrepreneurs and members of disenfranchised communities.


BaadiGoob also established freelancing job opportunities for many job-seekers and employers in the country. In fact, Somalia is rated at the bottom of the Human Development Index (HDI) on both literacy and employment for youth when compared to youth around the world. 

A large number of youths trained by our vocational institute at Hano Academy for example, develop skills and knowledge necessary to serve in different sectors of the country’s economy. On the other hand, there are clients ie, business owners and managers looking for skilled manpower to perform different technical jobs on a short-term basis (freelancing). Our e-Platform links up such employers with skilled employees to perform these short-term assignments on freelance basis. By freelance, we mean the client only pays for the work done and can decide whether to continue the service or completely stop engagement with the employee based on the employer’s needs. For long term employment, our sister company ‘Khibrad Recruitment Agency’ is there to help sourcing quality labor force by conducting thorough background checks for job-seekers thereby ensuring clients recruit reliable and qualified candidates.


Our eCommerce portal provides a conducive process through which people can buy and sell products online. We verify the availability of the products and conduct background checks for  business executives selling through our platform to avoid fraud. We also have dedicated communication line is available for use by our clients for urgent and emergency reasons.

Our business model is flexible and recognizes the need for comprehensive solutions that are practical, achievable, and sustainable. It ultimately lives or perishes by the quality of the design and analysis component. Practical, relevant and current experiences inform a consulting process that utilizes proven tools and methodologies that equip business managers to address change and transformation in their organizations with confidence.

With our management team’s wealth of experience, we have technical expertise across the supply chain. This means that not only do we understand distribution logistics but also merchandizing, procurement, manufacturing and both local and global logistics and from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective. This means that we can truly deliver the best fit supply chain or supply chains for our clients.

Supply Chain

BaadiGoob also specializes in supply chain management services and strategy implementation. The main expertise of the company lies in the ability to evaluate, design, develop and implement complex supply chains. To do so, we are following a structured approach to ensure that the supply chain delivers the required value to the business. Our company was established to deliver the potential that supply chain management unlocks by leveraging business opportunities within the entire value chain.


There are also other services, which BaadiGoob offers including rentals and event hosting and management facility. We are always looking for partners who believe in our mission, so join us to support local businesses and new entrepreneurs joining the market

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the creativity and entrepreneurship power of our people, to strengthen the economy and open up opportunities to drive prosperity. 

What We Stand for

We combine trust, humanity, economic growth, and business solutions all in one place. 

Our Main Target

Our main target is Somali business entrepreneurs seeking to advertise their products and supplying them to potential clients. 

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