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If you are a job seeker with skills such as electrician, solar energy repair, maintenance and installation, housekeeping, cleaning, construction, beauty and hair salon, tailoring, graphic design, filming and videography, photography, web-developer, mobile-App-developer, project manager, secretary, accountant and finance, HR, tutor (teachers), etc., then please make an appointment with one of our team members who will set up an interview date and time for you, and if you are qualified for the position, then our team will help you with: 

IIn case you need business start-up tools, the team will provide you the necessary tools, working uniform, and transportation facility if it deems necessary.

After the above process, the job seeker will create a personal account and profile which will be displayed on the Baadigob platform. The profile will list the job seekers' skills and competencies. The displayed profile information will be used for linking the jobseeker with the prospective employers.

How It Works At Baadigoob - A Job Center For Freelancers

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To sign a contact and get a detailed information

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In order to post your details including your experience

Get Hired

We will find employers for you so be ready to get hired.

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Do a great job so that your customers pay you well with good recommendations.

Online Marketplace


The seller will create a seller’s account (Your Online Shop) by signing up on the platform. He/she will upload clear pictures of the item on sale and include all the specifications that clearly describe the item. Sellers/leasers will include the specific price for the item plus the location of the item and any other contact details. Every listing will be displayed for a maximum period specified by  BaadiGoob Platform managers. BaadiGoob platform management will verify seller accounts that are genuine and give them a badge of trust. This will help them get more customers.

This refers to the customer who either wants to buy a product or rent (especially for machinery). All Buyers/ Renters must create an account/ sign up on the platform to be able to contact the sellers. The platform is interactive and allows the two parties to communicate through  text messages via the platform. Once one sends a text, the recipient gets a notification on their email. Telephone details of the Seller/Leaser will also be displayed on their profiles to enable interested customers to contact them through a direct call. The contact information is however only visible to members with registered accounts.

How It Works At BaadiGoob eCommerce- Online Marketplace

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Register, and own a shop, showcase, live your dream

Be Alert To Receive Sells

Incoming sales on the way, you will be notified about your products getting attention.

Get Paid & Deliver The Items

After you get paid for your product, go deliver the happiness.

Event Organizer


The Event Organizer must begin by creating their personal accounts (Signing up) on the platform. Thereafter, create and post the Event in which you are organizing.


How It Works- Event Organizer

Create Personal Account

The organizers are required to create their personal account from the web, and then they will have t

Create and Post Your Event

After you get your admin panel, you can create and post your event to get booked online

Send your Event Post to your Invitees

Now, share your event, let awake, get exposure

Share your Event Post via Social Media

Use social media marketing to get wide expansion for your event


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