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jeylani ahmed jeylani

I’m a Professional Freelancer

I am attacking forward and Timing to create scoring chances
and Stay connected with midfielders

Services I offer

    ? In transition, recover as 1st wide defender
    ? Force play sideways or backwards when possible
    ? Pressure when the ball is on your side of the field
    ? Provide cover and balance when the ball is on the opposite side of the field
    ? Stay connected with team
    ? Track runners from deep areas.
    ? Create crossing opportunities.
    ? Well-timed runs into the center to be released on goal
    ? Combination play with midfielders and forwards
    ? Support midfielders and forwards.
    ? Provide length, width, and depth.
    ? Make dangerous runs into the box.

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date: 03/09/2021

Show Gallery
      • Abdul Rahim

        • 30.04.2021

    Thank you for your precious time assisting me, wishing you luck in the future.

      • Mohim Mamul Khan

        • 07.03.2021

    Good gracious, how come I was unaware of such a platform bearing such talents, you owe a FiveStar from me mate

      • Sadiya Momin

        • 14.02.2021

    Well done, professional I feel, good job, I'd definitely want more in the future.

      • Anika Rahman

        • 01.01.2021

    The assistance was pretty good, thank you, a four star from me

      • unish khan

        • 01.03.2021

    Punctuality maintained, and precisely prefect in the job. I acknowledge the service

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